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is a five-week camp filled with fashion games, challenges, prizes, field trips and a finale fashion show



  • What does Fashion and Art Camp consits of?
    Fashion and Art camp is for creative students that love styling clothing, creating their own designs, and playing dress up. Students also learn to create original artwork on canvas and build set designs. Fashion camp helps students develop new skills and material to add to their portfolio. After the first three weeks of creating fashion and art, campers spend the last two weeks taking feild trips. At the end of the program students showcase all their creations in a finale show.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost of camp is $480 for five weeks and each students is required to obtain a fashion kit. The fashion kit can be purchase from sewmefashion for $160 or put together on your own
  • Are the feild trips included in the cost of camp?
    No, each trip has its own separate fee and the trips range up to $25 per trip. We take field trips to places like the Visionary Art Museum, Dave & Busters, Adventure Park USA and swiming at the aquatic center.
  • How do I register?
    To register complete the!Akg.kn12vQjYIDB859S98pUuH7y9?e=oWx7pE and email to
  • What are the age ranges of the participants and what is the total number of participants?
    Our students range from third grade to eigth grade. The number of participants range from 30 to 50 students every summer
  • When does Fashion and Art camp start and where will it be held?
    TBD, Dates, times and location for the 2022 program will be updated February 2022
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